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All Commands

+addtrusted - add your friend as a trusted user
+config - create a limit if the raiders want to raid
+removetrusted - Remove your friend in a trusted list
+settings - Same a the config command
+trustedlist - trusted user that you added

+addword - add a bad words that you want
+delword - delete a bad words in the list
+set-warn-msg - set a warn msg if the user type that bad words
+words - see the list of a badwords or words that you added

+addmoney - add a money to a user
+balance - get a total of your balance
+beg - beg a money
+buy - buy some items
+daily - get an instantly money using daily
+deposit - deposit to your bank account
+fish - hunt a fish
+leaderboard - see the global leaderboard
+pay - pay an items
+removemoney - removemoney to a user
+roulette - gamble
+sell - sell your items
+slots - gamble game
+shop - see the items that you want to buy
+weekly - get a weekly money
+withdraw - withdraw your money
+work - work hard to make money lol

+backup-info - get the info of that backup
+backup - backup the server

+8ball - ask some question
+advice - [BETA]
+ascii - turn a text to ascii
+baka - baka pic
+cat - pic of a cat
+connectfour - play a game using connectfour
+dog - pic of a dog
+emojiadd - make your own emoji
+fact - get some fact or truth
+fast-typer - play a game fast-type
+guessthenumber - guess a number in the brain of the bot
+hack - hack someone
+joke - gives you a fucking joke
+kiss - kiss me, kiss him, kiss everyone
+meme - get some meme
+mwallpapers - [idk]
+poke - poke poke
+servericon - get the pp of the server
+slap - slap your mom
+test - this is a test button

+gstart - start a giveaway
+gend - end the giveaway
+greroll - reroll a giveaway

+add-these - add an emoji in your server
+announce - announce some things
+report-bug - report some bugs in the bot or the bot commands
+help - get the all commands
+invite - invite the bot

+setsuggest - set a suggest channel
+suggest - suggest anything
+sreply - reply to a suggest

+play - play some music
+join - join a bot in the vc
+leave - leave a bot in the vc
+stop - stop a music
+queue - get a list of music you want to play
+lyrics - get the lyrics you want to
+pause - pause a music
+repeat - repeat a music in short loop
+resume - resume a music you pause
+skip - skip amusic and jump to another
+volume - loud the volume of a music

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